About Our Company & Value Proposition


The Firm…

GH Capital, based in Mombasa, Kenya is a dedicated consultation establishment providing research, operational support and capital advisory services that result in profitable propositions for our clientele. We stand on a primary domain of smart problem solving, thinking, and doing.
We are an African company with a global approach. We partner with and serve communities, governments, and companies providing an innovative mix of services.

The Team

GH Capital is a team with immense experience across a diverse range of industries and a proven ability to raise strategic debt and equity capital.

We leverage our deep knowledge of emerging markets and our world class expertise to connect growing companies with leading global investment banks, impact funds, private equity firms and family offices.

Our Clientele

We have a powerful and integrated offering, united by the common objective under the GH Capital board. Our aim is to go way beyond strategic consultancy and meet the demands of the ever-changing global landscape.

In the future, we will continue to innovate, adding new capabilities and expanding our reach to pursue our common mission.

Value Proposition

Increased Efficiency
Lower Costs

We analyze the operations and processes in depth and streamline our clients operations and eliminate inefficiencies.

We analyze the financials of our clients’ companies and come up with measures on how to cut costs as well as grow revenues and mitigate operational and financial risks

Tailor-made Solutions for Each Client

We do not operate with a
one-fit-all solution model. We work together with specific clients to formulate bespoke working strategies to solve their challenges.
We also challenge current strategies employed by our clients in a constructive manner and suggest effective and sustainable ways to achieve better outcomes.

Local Presence & Emerging Market Expertise

The team consists of Kenyan professionals with extensive experience on the emerging markets and hence understand the market better than foreign firms. We work with our clients and deliver exemplary results at affordable costs compared to the competition. We are supplemented by academic and industry experts in our firm’s external networks.